Sen. John Kennedy is Bad at His Job

Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) is bad at committees. He managed to make his colleague Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) look bad for asking then-appointee Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates if she would defend or uphold an unlawful or unconstitutional law. This line of questioning came back to bite Cornyn.

Senator Kennedy had apparently not heard this exchange, or didn’t care about how stupid he would look, but he then went on to berate Yates for deciding that the Muslim travel ban was unlawful.┬áHe contradicted his colleague from Texas, as Cornyn had expected her to not implement or defend something that she thought was unlawful. Of course, Cornyn wasn’t asking about working for a Republican President.

Kennedy also contradicted the current Attorney General.

Kennedy knew what kind of grandstanding he wanted to do, and didn’t care about appearances, consistency, or comity. He’s a joke, and bad at his job. Louisiana could do a lot better.