Regrets, They Have a Few

Only two percent of Trump voters regret their vote, according to a new Washington Post/ABC News poll. According to the same poll, Trump has a record low approval rating of 42%.

Digging a little deeper, the public overall doesn’t approve of Trump’s spending priorities, of his children being White House advisers, but overwhelmingly back him pressuring companies to keep jobs in the United States. There’s also plurality support for his level of aggressiveness with North Korea.

Despite this, “populism” according to Trump has only been in keeping his base satisfied. It’s mostly been conventional Conservative policies on overdrive, pleasing about 38% of Americans as a rough estimate. He has deferred the possibility to be a transformative leader who could cause a partisan realignment, or perhaps he’s given up on the idea entirely. The big question is still whether still he has the opportunity. Could he change quickly and convincingly enough to convince Progressives to support Progressive initiatives? So far, his policy formulations have been boring in their Conservative orthodoxy, if not still disturbing to Progressives. He has room to move, though. That bears out in this poll.

The best move for Democrats right now is to build a united machine to take back Congress in 2018. Perhaps we can make Trump change direction, and if not, we need to stand ready with a positive agenda and a great candidate to throw him out in 2020. Simply bashing Trump will probably not work in getting to 270. If only two percent of his voters regret their vote after the demonstrated incompetence and corruption of this administration at this point, I doubt the number of will go high enough by 2020 to flip the election by itself. Schadenfreude is fun for Progressives right now, but, it probably won’t be enough to win the White House. We’ll need our own story and agenda.


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